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At Apple, we believe that every student is creative and nourishing the creativity in a student is the most important thing educators can do. Creativity prepares them to excel in today’s world — and to shape up how tomorrow would look like.

Apple is constantly creating resources for school and university students so that they can surprise themselves with what’s possible beyond the curriculum. Whatever tomorrow brings, they should be more than ready for it.

Super thin, Super light, Powerful processors with stunning retina display and all-day battery life on the iPad and Mac make your favourite power packs like Microsoft Office, Autodesk, Maya and more run with maximised performance, hence maximising your creative abilities as students, regardless of your grade or subject.

Education is the best when technology is seamless. Apple products work seamlessly together which enables students to start a project on a Mac and finish it up on an iPad or iPhone. Collaboration, Privacy, Security, and Ease of Use are the essence of Apple products and hence make learning and teaching enjoyable for every student and educator alike.


Ignite the creativity in every student.

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Unstoppable you.

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