Our team understands the pressure and complications that school leadership can face when choosing and adopting technology in education, making it work reliably, and ensuring that it enhances teaching and learning practices. We work for hand in hand aligning our services with the vision of the leadership team and working the way forward with seamless deployment and training.

  • Engagement for Students and Teachers – iPad enhances engagement personalization along with creative and productive learning at students’ fingertips. In addtion, the teachers are able to plan creative and engaging learning opportunities with ease and enable students to showcase their ability in different ways.
  • Financial Stability – Our experts can help you explore the options, including leasing, subscription, and parental contribution, to make sure you get the right solution for the best ROI.
  • Reliability – At Macintel, we work against a Plan – Do – Check – Act methodology so that your school gets the very best experience with your technology deployment, we will work with you to prepare your existing tech for the new deployment – making changes to your wifi, network, and other technologies in advance of your deployment.