Financing And Leasing2021-08-16T21:33:34+05:30

Financing and Leasing

Macintel is committed to make technology adoption more affordable so as to enable all tiers of Educators adopt Apple Technology. Book a free consulation on affordability in education by filling up the form at the end of this page.

  • 70% Reduction in Dropouts.
  • 100% Education Insurance Cover for all students.
  • Get free online courses, student card, Ivy League workshops and much more.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the benefit of paying fees with Financepeer?2021-08-16T20:48:25+05:30

Financepeer offers fee financing at 0 costs and 0 interest, so you pay the same amount of money. And you get many more bonus benefits when you pay through financepeer like:- up to 10% cashback, Education Insurance, Online Easy Monthly Payments, Minimum 20% discount on online courses from top content providers.

How does a loan with Financepeer work?2021-08-16T21:27:07+05:30

It’s like any other loan but we make it fast and quick as fast as less than 10 mins. Minimum documents no collateral, no hidden charges, and no pre payment penalty.

What is the interest rate applicable for availing the loan?2021-08-13T21:00:36+05:30

Most of the loans are ZERO interest loans. How ever for some schools there might be interest please check before applying. We try our best to make it ZERO interest and ZERO cost for most of the schools.

Will my CIBIL score be used to decide the interest rate, if any?2021-08-13T21:01:49+05:30

NO,but it will used to decide to approve your loan or not.

For how many kids I can avail the loan facility?2021-08-13T21:02:21+05:30

You can avail for all your kids at the same time.